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Operation Vijay- Do we remember them!!!

Its been 10 years sice we won a war fought on the most difficult of terrains and to defend what was our own. A war in which our enemies where in an advantageous position due to the way a mountain war is fought( In a mountain warfare the one who are on the upper ridges are always in an advantage) and also due to the surprise element of there intrusion. In a war where more than 700 young Indian men laid down their lives to recapture what was ours. Question is, have we forgotten them? Have Kargil just ended up as a fodder for news debate?

The Goverment of India(Congress) decided not to celebrate Vijay diwas because they thought its not worth celebrating(Just a matter of more than 700 worthless lives!). They think it was a war declared by the then BJP goverment so it was not a day to be celebrated. Whay the Kargil war is treated in this way I don’t understand! Should a war to defend our territory not a war of the UPA? Should we not fave our enemies united? Has National pride been gobbled up by Politics?

Recently Manmohan Singh was the chief guest in the Bastilles day parade in Paris and the Indian Armed Forces opened the parade. The goverment, the news channels all celebrated Bastilles day and said what a proud moment for India. The Indian Soldiers fought bravely in the World War-II, so we are being honoured for our contribution for in that war. Surely the day was of great pride but for whom we fought the War in France? The British Empire.

My question is simple. The victory in the Kargil war, a war to defend our own territory, should be more important than the fight for the British Empire in WW-II?  Have we forgotten the Kargil heroes?