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Thoughts of a confused mind

This is my first post of this calendar year and I accept I have been very late. I have been thinking of what to write as nothing has really invigorated my urge to write something or to say no topic has really inspired me to write a post this year. This post will be quite confusing as I will write about my thoughts about myself and some of my friends and in a very random way, so kindly bear.

My transformation from a nice bloke to an ‘akru’ bloke has been in a fast lane this year. I am becoming more tougher and steelier as each day goes by and my Mother sometimes complain about my non-existent social life and my indifference to a lot of things. Frankly I have reached a position where I cannot stop this transformation. However few of my friends will never accept that I am ‘akru’ but most people will. I accept that I lead a double life. I present myself as a hard nosed and arrogant Krishnendu Sanyal to the world and a nice bloke infront of my close aides. This is something I have accepted as a part of my life and I move on with it.

One of my closest friends got a girl-friend for himself and it was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. However, the girl is one of the nicest girls I ever talked to and I am happy for both of them.

Although I am happy for my friend but I still fail to understand love. Its the most complicated human emotion and I don’t get it. I am always sceptical about things that I don’t understand that explains my non-existent love life. This year I have authored one of the greatest unromantic quotes(collars up), ‘The Hopeless Unromantic, find an iota of romance in me and I will find you the big-foot.’ This quote, I think explains a lot about my thoughts on love.