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Advantages of Being in a Relationship

A relationships on its own is a very complex matter, and to categorize them into advantages and disadvantages is being too subjective, so whatever is written in this piece should be treated as my personal opinion.

Rather than just pointing out the advantages, which may suggest that I am encouraging people of my generation to jump into the ‘Commited’ bandwagon, I am just stating the change a relationship brings in a person. Personally I think that a relationship should not be treated as something fun and a sort of thing people need to indulge at a particular age. Its a serious thing weirdos! When you are getting into a relationship, your thinking should be that you have met a really special person, who makes you feel good about yourself and you want to get closer to the person beyond the level of friendship.

A relationship is just not about connecting at the physical level, that would be meaningless and won’t last long. Yes, to some extend physical connection is important but the balance between physical and emotional connection is important. When you and your partner come to a point when after just liking each other, you care for each other that you can never do for anyone else, then will you understand how much the person means to you.A feeling like that can never be replaced by just physical looks or anything else like that.

In a relationship not only will you understand the other person better but also start understanding yourself. You will take care of little habits that annoys the other person and the little things that sometimes annoys you. The longer you are with each other, the more you adapt to the other pertson. This does’nt happen overnight! It takes time and patience for something like this to happen. The person also becomes someone you can really confide in, but don’t forget about your friends around you though. They are important too!

There is so much more besides this of course, it may be the little gestures that you do for each other that makes your relationship special. Or the encouragements that you give to cheer each other up. Through a relationship, you begin to grow more mature (hopefully) at handling issues, be it good or bad. Yes, a relationship sure makes you feel good, but unfortunately don’t expect all relationships to go well, even if it isn’t your first, the right relationship depending on the individual takes time.