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Thoughts of a confused mind

This is my first post of this calendar year and I accept I have been very late. I have been thinking of what to write as nothing has really invigorated my urge to write something or to say no topic has really inspired me to write a post this year. This post will be quite confusing as I will write about my thoughts about myself and some of my friends and in a very random way, so kindly bear.

My transformation from a nice bloke to an ‘akru’ bloke has been in a fast lane this year. I am becoming more tougher and steelier as each day goes by and my Mother sometimes complain about my non-existent social life and my indifference to a lot of things. Frankly I have reached a position where I cannot stop this transformation. However few of my friends will never accept that I am ‘akru’ but most people will. I accept that I lead a double life. I present myself as a hard nosed and arrogant Krishnendu Sanyal to the world and a nice bloke infront of my close aides. This is something I have accepted as a part of my life and I move on with it.

One of my closest friends got a girl-friend for himself and it was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. However, the girl is one of the nicest girls I ever talked to and I am happy for both of them.

Although I am happy for my friend but I still fail to understand love. Its the most complicated human emotion and I don’t get it. I am always sceptical about things that I don’t understand that explains my non-existent love life. This year I have authored one of the greatest unromantic quotes(collars up), ‘The Hopeless Unromantic, find an iota of romance in me and I will find you the big-foot.’ This quote, I think explains a lot about my thoughts on love.



I have been accused of being unromantc and unemotional, so this topic might come as a bit of a surprise for a lot of people.

Love is a very complicated emotion. Biologists might tell you that it is the work of hormones;X-Chromosome, Y-Chromosome etc etc. While the poets will tell you that is the most beautiful feeling that one can ever have. What is my opinion about love? As I am, my opinion will be quite complex and complicated.

In my opinion Love is the most unconditional feeling that one can have for somebody. Its an unconditional bond! Problem with modern ‘love’ stories are, that you have to fill too many prerequisites to prove that you are in love with somebody. That is why, I am still single and looking for somebody who shares the same ideas that I have regarding love.

People ask me, that how will somebody realize that he or she is in love. My answer is simple, just ask him or her that why do they love the particular guy or girl. If they are not able to give any answer, then they are in love. Now you will ask me, Why So? As I said above, Love is unconditional but it is also quite unreasonable. You cannot fall for somebody for reasons, it just happens. One cannot start loving somebody, it is a moment of spark, of madness. My theory may not be right but I feel it is quite relevant.

Everybody falls in love atleast once in their Life coz it is such a beautiful emotion, that you cannot stay away from it for too long. But wait for your Miss.Right or Mr.Right, coz they will come, till then, enjoy with the wrong one.