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The City of Joy!! oops sorry, The City of Chaos!!

Kolkata for me was always my second home(now my home). All my relatives live here and i used to visit this charming city during my summer holidays. The annual visit to Kolkata was always exciting and full of surprises. Now for the last 4 years i have been living here and Kolkata is becoming less and less charming for me.

Bengal was always very politically volatile and records the most number of political killings happened in this state. But Kolkata its capital, snce the chaos of the 60’s and the 70’s, was largely peaceful with occasional Strikes(that was treated as holidays by most office goers). I remember the Left Front winning the state elections(that the only thing i can remember happening in my lifetime) in 2006 with thumping majority and promising new wave of industrilization in the state. As far as my memory serves me the TATA NANO was announced on the results day. Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharya brimming with confidence(the sort of result can turn most heads) and promising new things for the state. I for one, who was always politically inclined, was quite happy with the TATA project. But problem with romantic stories are, they don’t always have a  happy ending. Things took a wild turn when a section of the farmers in Singur refused to give away lands for compensation and then started the vicious cycle of Bands and counter-Bandhs, political murders and all things that can give night mares to any administration. But Singur was not the only bone of contenation, the situation in Nandigram(another land acquisation problem) was chaotic. The opposition took full advantage( that most opposition parties do in most states) and stood against the goverment. The chaos that continued for more than 2 years in the stae drove the TATAs out.

Now why Kolkata has become chaotic? With the political situation so volatile and the ruling coalition suffering electoral setbacks, the Goverment has become inert and not taking tough administrative decisions as they fear it may back fire. So in this city you can do anything. Sit on a Dharna on important roads, call Transport strikes, torch buses and Taxis during Bandhs as if its the concerned party’s property. The agents of chaos are having a field day in the city due to the inert administration.

Change for the sake of change is not the way to go. What should we choose, the known devil or the deep sea?