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The Media Hunting the Tiger.

Everybody has their own take on Tiger and his ‘woody habits’, so why should I be left behind???

Two weeks back Tiger Woods was at the same pedestal that he has occupied for the last decade or so. One of the Greatest Golfers and a perfect family man. Two Weeks after, his reputation is at an all time low! Why?? 16 Flings and counting!!! Everyday some waitress or a pornstar is waking up and saying,’You know, I slept with Tiger!’ Tiger has accepted and termed them as ‘Transgressions’ but my point is did Tiger ever claimed that he was a super-human??? Do we know Tiger Woods for his Golfing Genius or by his personal life??? Lets accept that Tiger Woods hasn’t done anything that has tarnished the sports that he plays. He didn’t accept money to fix matches like Hansie Cronjie or he took performance enhancing drugs to win Olympic medals like Marion Jones or he lied to his sports’ governing body about a failed drug test like Andre Aggasi!!

I am not defending Tiger’s ‘Transgressions’! He was unfaithful to his wife and two kids(being a jerk) but the way the media is hunting him down is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. These women stand a chance to make a hell lot of money by opening up in front of the tabloids and they are milking Tiger. Why do we forget, its the USA??? They will get their 15 minutes of fame as the mistress of Tiger Woods!!!

As long as Tiger plays the standard of Golf that he plays, we should just discuss his Golf not about the women in his couch, coz its none of our business. He is an amazing athlete and the greatest golfer that played the game. We should remember him for that.