Piu Di and Mumun Di

I can’t write endless pages about them but alas i don’t have that time!!! For how long do i know them? 21 years! By the way that also resembles my age!! What to write about a couple of girls whom i know all my life? They remain my best friends al though both are 8 and 6 years senior to me respectively!!! Let us start with Piu Di; Sourabhi Sen or just Peu didi.I don’t remember the 1st time we met because i was
too small.I know her for the last 21 years or so.The figure that she has now, has’nt changed for the last ten years.I am suppose to write good things about her.Peu didi is one of the finer things that this world full of anarchy has to present.She is soft-spoken but has the determination of a bull.She is light-hearted but has the ambitions that is not limited to the horizon.We studied in the same school although she has seen this world 8 years more than me.Peu didi defines non-violence(she can’t afford to be violent).During Durga Pujas me,peu di,mumun di were a gang that ate in every eating place Barbil had to offer.The last 3 pujas were horrible and u know why.
News of her engagement was a shock to me.As far as i thought i would marry earlierthan she will.Still miss u!

Mumun Di as i call her is known to me from the day i could understand the ways of this world.I can safely say that she is the frined of mine.She will always have a very special in my heart my.Character ke baare mein kya bataayein(ho to bataayein)?Jokes apart, Bindaas is too small a word describe her character.In fact this space is too small describe her character,so i will just express my feelings towards her.As I have just stated, she is special and endearing.In fact i wonder, how she tolerated me for such a long time?I used to drop in her place any moment i wanted and she just ‘welcomed’ me as her usual self.At this moment of life i have just started to realize that how much i will miss her and its just screaming inside.The love and affection that she has showered on me till now as a elder sister and more as a friend cannot be repaid.


2 responses to “Piu Di and Mumun Di

  • mumun

    thanx is too little a word for whatever u have jotted down..not thanx exactly but yes i am happy that even after torturing u so much(i dont actually remember torturing nebody so much) u write such things about me…n if u are writing these goodie goodie thoughts in lieu of putting an end to all the traumas u have faced coz of me then sorry baby..NOT POSSIBLE…ab chahe tum kuch bhi likho..

  • Peu

    Thanks….like I said, keep saying such good things, tere upar se ek paap aur kam hoga. Jokes apart, its nice to hear the liitle Tutu sound all grown up. Well, well, when we are around you, we just have the deepest urge to bug you with our favourite PT time. How else would you know what we are worth 😉

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