How to impress a girl?

Now this one is tricky! The tips might work and might not but they are more or less safe. My Experience tells me they will(hopefully).

Well, after seeing a beautiful girl, every guy is haunted by the same question-How to impress this girl? Till the time he doesn’t know the way out, the task appears really demanding. To reveal the truth, the art of impressing girls has the simple fact, that girls are not impressed by fake things. Most guys are likely to act smart or be like someone else just to impress girls, yet they never succeed with this policy. The solution to this question is to be original so as to impress your girl. Read further to get acquainted with some tips for impressing girls.

* Good work starts with good hygiene. Usually guys are careless about personal hygiene but girls are really watchful about this. So, be well-groomed and wear clean clothes to attract your girl.
* Have a good attitude because girls don’t like guys who flaunt. Be modest and don’t attempt to impress everyone. Guys, slightly inclined towards good humor, are liked by girls.
* Show respect towards everyone and give them their space; this will fetch your respect from them too. Especially with girls, showing respect works even better.
* Have healthy conversations and don’t speak too much before girls. Speak in moderation; the other person should not feel that you’re not interested and also don’t speak in excess so that he/she doesn’t get time to speak.
* Prefer talking on topics of common interest. Girls don’t like guys who talk about themselves only. Show interest in her speech. Ask her about her interests like hobbies, favorite books, music, etc. If she starts asking you about yours, speak briefly and again focus on her interests.
* Try to flirt. If you both make an eye contact, just pass a smile. Perhaps she will get blushed or start looking away, but don’t react. Remember you don’t have to stare her down. If she likes you, she will definitely give glances.
* Always respect her opinion and ideas, and don’t criticize her. Give her compliments and never talk anything disgraceful to her friends.
* Be romantic, but not in excess. If you’ve been dating for a month, you can attempt a romantic gesture. For example, hold her hand while looking in her eyes or get down on your knees to bow her.
* Start speaking with her casually. If you don’t know the girl, start friendly conversation. Ask for the time, and praise her watch.
* Make an effort to get her attention to your plus points and away from negative points, remember to be original.
* Don’t tell her straightaway that you like her. Ask her out. If she refuses, don’t take any tensions. You can change the style and say ‘Oh! Actually we friends are planning to go on a dinner; I thought that you might like to join us”.
* Don’t get stick to her. Give her some time and like this, you’ll definitely get her attention.


Review:I hate Luv Storys

Boy hates mushy love stories, doesn’t believe in love and all those things that come along with it whereas the girl is a big believer in romance and is living her own perfect love story with a childhood pal. Boy meets this girl and don’t get along but eventually love strikes!

First for the girl but the boy rejects it explaining that he only thought of her as a friend. Soon love strikes him too but by then it is too late. He tries to woo her back and ends up doing all those mushy things that he hated in the first place.

Punit Malhotra’s debut directorial venture, I Hate Luv Storys works well when it tries to poke fun at these elements but eventually falls in the same clichéd trap when it comes to delivering as a film.

I Hate Luv Storys’ main lead character, J (Imran Khan) tries to poke fun of all the mush and romance ideas that generate from Bollywood. Ironically, working with Bollywood’s King of mush, filmmaker Veer Kapoor, he barely manages to keep a straight face about all that’s happening around him.

A complete opposite of J, Simran (Sonam) joins Veer Kapoor’s production as a set designer. As expected clashes take place between the two but eventually they end up becoming good friends.

Gradually she ends up falling for, Mr. Wrong at the risk of dumping her loyal perfect Mr. Right Raj (Sammir). J rebuffs her. Hurt, she tries to get over her fixation for J and decides to concentrate on her relationship with Raj.

But by then J has fallen head over heels in love with Simran and wants her back. How he tries to use all the tricks from the clichéd Bollywood references and much more to woo Simran back, forms the rest of the film.

First timer, Punit delivers big when it comes to giving the film a fresh treatment in terms of narrative and style and laces it with some extremely laugh out loud one liners. But as a writer, he falls short of offering anything new when it comes to the script.

Agreed, it tries to take a funny look at the romance seen through the typical eyes of Bollywood, by doing a parody of sorts on filmmakers.

He includes his own producer Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and even Aditya Chopra in it but one fails to understand why Punit doesn’t give a new perspective about the same in his own film given the resources he had in hand.

The jovial first half has its moments but the second half tends to drag, especially since you can predict well in advance how and where it is all heading. But, full marks to his actors including the periphery ones, who keep it rocking with their perfect acts.

Vishal and Shekhar’s chart topping music also aids IHLS and lifts it above the average. The innovative production design works well with the theme of the film. Ayananka Bose continues to surprise with camerawork with each passing film. She has captured the New Zealand locales superbly.

Imran Khan, after a lackluster performances in Kidnap and Luck is back in top form and very much at ease playing a rom com lead. He adds more fun to his character with his body language and facial expressions.

Sonam Kapoor is aptly cast as the dreamy lover girl and wows in her more contemporary city gal avatar unlike her first two films Saawariya and Delhi 6 which presented her in a more ethnic way.

The chemistry between this fresh pairing is amazing. Kavin Dave as Imran’s office colleague is hilariously good. The graffiti on his Tees make you LOL as well. Sammir Dattani delivers his lines monotonously.

Perhaps he was asked to appear as a boring boy friend. But he does it well. Sameer Soni is fun with his take on Karan Johar and so is Aamir Ali as the hot shot romantic star of the film he is shooting. Bruna Abdullah is smoking hot in her special appearance as Imran’s flirt interest.

IHLS is fun till it lasts but once you come out of the cinema hall you realize that it fails to make an impact as a romantic comedy thanks to the feeling of déjà vu. IHLS works as pure popcorn fun.

The Big Cricket Debate

I have been asked by some of my friends that why don’t I post articles on Cricket as it is my favourite subject. Well, after the T20 World Cup debacle, I am writing this piece in retaliation of some pathetic journalism by so called Journalists.

Before our team departed for the t20 World Cup, I said to my friends that India is not going to make it to the semis as we don’t have a wicket-taking bowler and our best batsmen are out of form and Sehwag was injured. Unfortunately my prediction was right. But what went on after India’s performance was pathetic journalism by some news channels and some baseless reports in the newspapers. Indian Media played an important part in people blaming everything but our cricketing skills. Some of the points that came out through there ‘discussion’ was ‘blame the IPL’, ‘blame late night parties’, ‘sack the captain’.

We Indians have a problem, that we cannot accept that we weren’t good enough and we start finding a scapegoat for our inept performance. This year IPL and late night parties has become the scapegoat. I don’t buy this Idea that IPL was responsible for our performances in the World Cup. They say that the team was exhausted and couldn’t perform. Well if the player weren’t playing in the IPL they would have been playing in one more stupid tri-series involving Sri Lanka. 8 out of the top 10 run getters in this t20 World Cup played in this years IPL. So only Indians weren’t the only one’s playing the IPL. So to say that IPL was a cause for Indian Team’s poor performance is preposterous to say the least. One more are the late night parties. I just don’t want to comment on such a poor argument. Players who wanted to party, they went there and some players didn’t.

Another thing was the accusation of poor selection of the team. There were some calls that were surprising but lets accept it, we didn’t left out Bradman, Sobers or Akram nor we benched Bradman or Sobers. There will be some players who unluckily miss out and there are some tough decisions to be taken but I can’t see Robina Uthappa winning us the World Cup if he played instead of Rohit Sharma.

On the 14th May Edition of TOI there was a report by Sumit Mukherjee that M S Dhoni will be sacked. I really can’t understand how an editor of such a respected daily allow such baseless and unsubstantiated report to become the main news ‘story’ in the first page of the newspaper? If M S Dhoni is sacked then it will put Indian Cricket 5 years back. He is in my opinion one of the best captains of this country if not the best. Under his leadership India has become the No.1 Test Side and the 2nd best One Day side in the World. Judging him on the basis of a t20 tournament will be rubbish to say the least. His record as a Captain speaks for itself but I want to concentrate on 2 aspects that I like the most. He doesn’t make faces or does Kathakali when there is a misfield and he is the most straight talking captain I have seen in Indian Cricket. He doesn’t do things that Indian Captains are famous for like leaking stories in the media, washing dirty linen in press-conferences etc. Moreover he has earned the respect of his whole team.

So why not discuss the main reason that we have failed as a team?

Lets face the facts. We are one of the best test and ODI side and our performances in those format of the game in the last 2-3 years has been brilliant. As a t20 side we are average to say the least.

Ever good t20 side has a good strike bowler or as Captain say, a ‘go to’ bowler. Do we have that? Ashish Nehra- Takes wickets but can be very expensive. Zaheer-A brlliant test bowler, Harbhajan-was wicketless in the tournament. We don’t have a bowler that can take wickets and in t20 format that is a necessity.

Our batting is our main power but when a Sehwag is injured, Gambhir out of form and a struggling Yuvraj then there will be problems. Then our age-old problem of short pitch bowls. In a ODI match a batsman gets some time to weather the storm but in a t20 format you have to hit most of the bowls and most Indian Batsman are poor hookers and pullers of a Cricket ball. Out batsman need to sort out this problem area and find a way to adapt. By the way I was impressed with Raina because in the West Indies game everybody was struggling but he scored a 25 ball 37 and tried to weather the storm.

Our fielding was very very average and fitness of some players was lot to be desired for.Take a look at the pictures of Yuvraj Singh, you will understand that how he has gone several notches down in his fitness.

Finally some poor decisions of our captain. Most important thing that experts and ‘fans’ like us have is the advantage of hindsight. Just think if Misbah would have connected the ball well in the 2007 final and then we wouldn’t be talking about Dhoni now. A Captain never knows that his move is going to work or not. Dhoni is an instinctive captain. I will rather have a captain going by his instincts than somebody who goes by consensus and if something goes wrong then he will conveniently pass the buck to someone else. We weren’t a good enough team in this format and even if he would have got some of his decision right still I don’t think it would have made a huge difference. Our case was not that marginal that one right Captaincy decision would have made a huge difference. So let us back him till the 2011 World Cup and then if things don’t work out we may have a case against him. Right now, he is the best man for the job.

We fans celebrate and put our cricketers on a super human pedestals when they win but when we lose, we torn them down. Let us not over-react. Let us not forget we are one of the best teams in 2 out of the 3 formats of the game. Let us back them.

Thoughts of a confused mind

This is my first post of this calendar year and I accept I have been very late. I have been thinking of what to write as nothing has really invigorated my urge to write something or to say no topic has really inspired me to write a post this year. This post will be quite confusing as I will write about my thoughts about myself and some of my friends and in a very random way, so kindly bear.

My transformation from a nice bloke to an ‘akru’ bloke has been in a fast lane this year. I am becoming more tougher and steelier as each day goes by and my Mother sometimes complain about my non-existent social life and my indifference to a lot of things. Frankly I have reached a position where I cannot stop this transformation. However few of my friends will never accept that I am ‘akru’ but most people will. I accept that I lead a double life. I present myself as a hard nosed and arrogant Krishnendu Sanyal to the world and a nice bloke infront of my close aides. This is something I have accepted as a part of my life and I move on with it.

One of my closest friends got a girl-friend for himself and it was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. However, the girl is one of the nicest girls I ever talked to and I am happy for both of them.

Although I am happy for my friend but I still fail to understand love. Its the most complicated human emotion and I don’t get it. I am always sceptical about things that I don’t understand that explains my non-existent love life. This year I have authored one of the greatest unromantic quotes(collars up), ‘The Hopeless Unromantic, find an iota of romance in me and I will find you the big-foot.’ This quote, I think explains a lot about my thoughts on love.

The Media Hunting the Tiger.

Everybody has their own take on Tiger and his ‘woody habits’, so why should I be left behind???

Two weeks back Tiger Woods was at the same pedestal that he has occupied for the last decade or so. One of the Greatest Golfers and a perfect family man. Two Weeks after, his reputation is at an all time low! Why?? 16 Flings and counting!!! Everyday some waitress or a pornstar is waking up and saying,’You know, I slept with Tiger!’ Tiger has accepted and termed them as ‘Transgressions’ but my point is did Tiger ever claimed that he was a super-human??? Do we know Tiger Woods for his Golfing Genius or by his personal life??? Lets accept that Tiger Woods hasn’t done anything that has tarnished the sports that he plays. He didn’t accept money to fix matches like Hansie Cronjie or he took performance enhancing drugs to win Olympic medals like Marion Jones or he lied to his sports’ governing body about a failed drug test like Andre Aggasi!!

I am not defending Tiger’s ‘Transgressions’! He was unfaithful to his wife and two kids(being a jerk) but the way the media is hunting him down is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. These women stand a chance to make a hell lot of money by opening up in front of the tabloids and they are milking Tiger. Why do we forget, its the USA??? They will get their 15 minutes of fame as the mistress of Tiger Woods!!!

As long as Tiger plays the standard of Golf that he plays, we should just discuss his Golf not about the women in his couch, coz its none of our business. He is an amazing athlete and the greatest golfer that played the game. We should remember him for that.

3 Days that shook the country

A Year ago ten men carried out the one of the most deadliest terrorist attacks and took a city to hostage for nearly 3 days and pushed a country to a chaotic and deadly void. The City is Mumbai and the country, Pakistan. We have often repeated a particular question, what effect has 26/11 have on India? The answer, after a long year of political Tamasha : Not much.

Mumbaikars were expected to vote in large numbers and give a verdict to the State and Central Goverment’s mixed response to the tragedy(Although the security forces did a fantastic job of handling the chaotic situation but they were badly let-down by a goverment that was shockingly ill-prepared for an attack of such magnitude). Sadly the story turned out to be different. Mumbai’s voting percentage was 42% and south Mumbai, where all the action happened, fared a touch better at 47%. Not only the UPA goverment was voted back to power but also the Congress-NCP combine again formed the State goverment. By the way the then Home Minister of Maharashtra, Mr.R.R.Patil, who was forced to resign, has again come back as Home Minister. Mr.R.R.Patil had memorably said,”Big cities face [such]small problems.” There is a saying in Hindi, Yeh public hai, yeh sab janti hai. I wonder………………..

However, it is the glorious comeback of the great defender of the Marathi Manoos that takes the cake. A year ago, urban India’s enraged voice was heard not only against the armed men who attacked Mumbai but the also against the notorious Raj Thackeray, who advocated a virtual sealing of non-Maharashtrians from seeking of employment in in his home state. Emails, Text Messages flowed from Computers and Mobiles mocking Raj Thackeray’s chauvinism and lauding the armed forces that battled in that chaos and how the men battling in Mumbai were mostly North Indians. Raj Thackeray and his band of hooligans were no where to be seen.

Ironically, Thackeray, has’nt stopped his Marathi Manoos tirade and his demand of his home state being keep free from non-Maharashtrian settlers. Thackeray’s brand of Chauvinsim had at best a tenuous connection with National Security. So it is perhaps not surprising that the large section of the electorate welcomed backed this native’s darling with open arms. The Indian Electorate’s canniness sometimes baffles me.

If we recall the various catastrophes that have befallen Mumbai-serial blasts, explosions in crowded stations, communal riots- 26/11 do not appear unique. The scale of devastation was similar but careful planning and perfect execution that went into it baffled and startled everyone. We always come to know about terrorist attacks after it has happened. Terrorism became a game of numbers for us. 50 injured, 30 died. This was terrorism for us. But 26/11 was terrorism live on T.V, at primetime slots. For 62 hours we saw fanatical men carrying terrorism on live T.V. It was also a unique leveller. The Rich and the famous were taken out of there comfort zone in Taj and Trident and also the common man being attacked at CST. 26/11 became a leveller of sorts.

Mumbai’s capacity to spring back to normal life is a stuff of legends; so is the dilly-dallying of its political class. This chalta hai has also been evident in Indo-Pak diplomacy. Faced with the testimony of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the gunman from Faridkot who was caught alive, Pakistan’s initial response was to deny all evidence and allegations. The denial went on for weeks even as the foreign media traced the roots of Kasab and interviewed his parents. Finally under the pressure of UNSC and USA, Asif Ali Zardari took matters to his ‘able’ hands. He legalized sharia in the Tribal area but put conditions on the bill that he knew that the Taliban will refuse. This provided Zardari the opportunity to send his troops in the mad-mullah country resulting a Civil war and terror attacks all over Pakistan.

There is so much Zardari can do as a head of a state that is governed by forces beyond his controls. Even foreign aid fails to entice Pakistan to behave well. When US dangled a golden carrot of $7.5 billion, Pakistan, despite its imminent bankruptcy, refused to compromise on its ‘sovereignty'(read, its license to make mischief). No doubt India has a great deal to reckon with one year on from 26/11. Yet it is Pakistan that has still too may ghosts to exorcise-and its increasingly mixing up its friends with foes.

Advantages of Being in a Relationship

A relationships on its own is a very complex matter, and to categorize them into advantages and disadvantages is being too subjective, so whatever is written in this piece should be treated as my personal opinion.

Rather than just pointing out the advantages, which may suggest that I am encouraging people of my generation to jump into the ‘Commited’ bandwagon, I am just stating the change a relationship brings in a person. Personally I think that a relationship should not be treated as something fun and a sort of thing people need to indulge at a particular age. Its a serious thing weirdos! When you are getting into a relationship, your thinking should be that you have met a really special person, who makes you feel good about yourself and you want to get closer to the person beyond the level of friendship.

A relationship is just not about connecting at the physical level, that would be meaningless and won’t last long. Yes, to some extend physical connection is important but the balance between physical and emotional connection is important. When you and your partner come to a point when after just liking each other, you care for each other that you can never do for anyone else, then will you understand how much the person means to you.A feeling like that can never be replaced by just physical looks or anything else like that.

In a relationship not only will you understand the other person better but also start understanding yourself. You will take care of little habits that annoys the other person and the little things that sometimes annoys you. The longer you are with each other, the more you adapt to the other pertson. This does’nt happen overnight! It takes time and patience for something like this to happen. The person also becomes someone you can really confide in, but don’t forget about your friends around you though. They are important too!

There is so much more besides this of course, it may be the little gestures that you do for each other that makes your relationship special. Or the encouragements that you give to cheer each other up. Through a relationship, you begin to grow more mature (hopefully) at handling issues, be it good or bad. Yes, a relationship sure makes you feel good, but unfortunately don’t expect all relationships to go well, even if it isn’t your first, the right relationship depending on the individual takes time.