My Family!!!

Like everybody i have a family and a great one too!!! My family consists of my beloved Mother and my great elder brother. I lost my father when i was 17, a part of soul left this world with him!!! Its a subject i don’t want to dwell upon as its quite a painful experiance for me!!! Let me tell u all about my Mother and my elder bro. My mother is one woman i admire and want every woman to have her qualities. She is patient, endearing but quite strict!! As a matter of fact, during the course of the day we hardly talk but we share that silent love for eachother which cannot be explained. She is like a pillar of strenth for me and my big bro. Now the turn of my elder brother; Mr.Subhendu Sanyal, the elder Sanyal in my family. He is 6 years senior to me and quite a serious guy and behaves like a way as if he is 36. Sometimes people need to remind him that he is just 26. Well its not his fault as circumstances forced him to grow up quicker than he would have liked. He was 23 when he took the whole responsibility of our family on his young but broad shoulders. I love, respect and adore my elder brother and want every young lad to be like him(I am not at all like him). An Ideal Son and an Ideal elder brother. He is just too perfect!!! Well thats it about my family!!!!!!!!!!!


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