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The Loner

When I’m alone, I’m alone with myself,
But alone may not be what it seems.
For myself can be trusted to always be there
And never makes fun of my dreams.

But myself knows myself and accepts what it finds,
And makes no demands on my soul.
So I cling to that heart where the best of me lives,
for that clinging makes sure that’s it’s whole.

I peel away slowly the armor I wear,
That armor protects all that’s me.
And the me that’s inside is fragile indeed,
It’s been hidden where no one can see.

When I hold onto me, it’s not that I’m cold,
It’s not that I don’t want to share.
It’s all that I’ve learned and the grip of my mind
That makes any sharing so rare.

My ego is tender, it’s what makes me, me.
I hide it behind a closed door.
I open that door just a crack at a time,
And only a crack, never more.


Thoughts of a confused mind

This is my first post of this calendar year and I accept I have been very late. I have been thinking of what to write as nothing has really invigorated my urge to write something or to say no topic has really inspired me to write a post this year. This post will be quite confusing as I will write about my thoughts about myself and some of my friends and in a very random way, so kindly bear.

My transformation from a nice bloke to an ‘akru’ bloke has been in a fast lane this year. I am becoming more tougher and steelier as each day goes by and my Mother sometimes complain about my non-existent social life and my indifference to a lot of things. Frankly I have reached a position where I cannot stop this transformation. However few of my friends will never accept that I am ‘akru’ but most people will. I accept that I lead a double life. I present myself as a hard nosed and arrogant Krishnendu Sanyal to the world and a nice bloke infront of my close aides. This is something I have accepted as a part of my life and I move on with it.

One of my closest friends got a girl-friend for himself and it was nothing short of a miracle in my eyes. However, the girl is one of the nicest girls I ever talked to and I am happy for both of them.

Although I am happy for my friend but I still fail to understand love. Its the most complicated human emotion and I don’t get it. I am always sceptical about things that I don’t understand that explains my non-existent love life. This year I have authored one of the greatest unromantic quotes(collars up), ‘The Hopeless Unromantic, find an iota of romance in me and I will find you the big-foot.’ This quote, I think explains a lot about my thoughts on love.

The Media Hunting the Tiger.

Everybody has their own take on Tiger and his ‘woody habits’, so why should I be left behind???

Two weeks back Tiger Woods was at the same pedestal that he has occupied for the last decade or so. One of the Greatest Golfers and a perfect family man. Two Weeks after, his reputation is at an all time low! Why?? 16 Flings and counting!!! Everyday some waitress or a pornstar is waking up and saying,’You know, I slept with Tiger!’ Tiger has accepted and termed them as ‘Transgressions’ but my point is did Tiger ever claimed that he was a super-human??? Do we know Tiger Woods for his Golfing Genius or by his personal life??? Lets accept that Tiger Woods hasn’t done anything that has tarnished the sports that he plays. He didn’t accept money to fix matches like Hansie Cronjie or he took performance enhancing drugs to win Olympic medals like Marion Jones or he lied to his sports’ governing body about a failed drug test like Andre Aggasi!!

I am not defending Tiger’s ‘Transgressions’! He was unfaithful to his wife and two kids(being a jerk) but the way the media is hunting him down is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. These women stand a chance to make a hell lot of money by opening up in front of the tabloids and they are milking Tiger. Why do we forget, its the USA??? They will get their 15 minutes of fame as the mistress of Tiger Woods!!!

As long as Tiger plays the standard of Golf that he plays, we should just discuss his Golf not about the women in his couch, coz its none of our business. He is an amazing athlete and the greatest golfer that played the game. We should remember him for that.

Generation Gap

Nowadays the older and the younger genration complains of generation gap and breaking down of communications.But for this, who is to blame? We, the Younger Generation or the Older and the ‘Wiser’ generation.

There is a huge conflict between the elders and the younger ones on generation gap and both accuses each other for the communication break down and the wider ills due to this. But my bone of contention is that both the generation are getting used to the conflict rather than finding the reason for this.

The elders are always critical of the younger generation on a wide range of issues and the latter is often getting used to the mumbling and jumblings and of the older generation.

The generation gap, however, is a deeper malady than viewed superficially. There may be the following differences between the old and the young:

  • Of ideas on general conduct comprising dress, food habits etc.
  • Morality, marriage & career
  • Of tastes on art, music, literature, and in short total outlook.
  • Family unit breaking up and gradually losing the importance it once had. The central authority of the paternal figure becoming redundant.
  • Imposition of the self-righteous attitude of the older generation on the young.
  • Biological evolutionary difference
  • It is a general observation of the younger generation that the elders behave like a frog in the well. They are fully convinced about the ideas through which they have lived there lives.They ignore certain vital factors that are no longer valid in the case of the modernity. There always has been generation gap since the dawn of civilization. The young have always deviated from the older standards and it was well that they did or there wouldn’t have been any progress today.

    The Younger generation naturally differs in dress, food, habits etc as these were not available with the older generation. These changes are indicative of progress. Everything around us is changing. With Passage of time the society and the enviroment changes and then why should a generation should be asked to stagnate. Are we not taughr that stagnation leads to disaster?

    It will be generally agreed that most fathers want their offspring to adopt the same profession that they themselves followed without giving due weight to the aptitude of the offspring. This causes tension between the elders and the children. The younger generation is more intellectually evolved than the preceding one. But the ego of the older people does not permit them to accept this hard truth and they would always like to play the role of the destiny makers of the younger ones.

    The modern age has a wider field and many times more job opportunities are available to the really deserving candidates. Hence the youth have to become deserving and must walk on the untrodden path to face a cutthroat competition. It won’t be wise to check them in this advance in the right direction.

    People are fixated at the type of music the youth follows. The film songs, of one’s youth, is still appreciated and the later music is rarely appreciated. This also relates to art and literature. reading habits people also change. The Hobbies and tastes change with time to time and no one should bemoan this change. Tradition, Culture and Moral definations always change with time and anybody who bemoans it can become a subject of ridicule. I one persists with it, one widesn the genration gap and has no business to criticize the youth.

    The family unit is breaking up. The central authority is losing its power. Every member of the family earns or has to earn. One who earns won’t accept the authority of the other that is equal usually to that of the father. In olden days only the family head earned and the others lived on his income. Thus he held the baton of power. Now, he must surrender it to the young. If he doesn’t yield, there are bound to be conflicts and unrest in the family.

    The older generation had few opportunities to come into contact with the western world. The earth was a big planet. Travels were slow made with animal power. Automobiles were rare. The people were content with whatever environment they had. But now the world has shrunk. A global environment is developing. It is natural for the young to learn newer ways of this rising global culture encompassing every aspect of human life. They can’t afford to follow the retrograde suggestions of their elders.

    They have wider horizons to explore if they are to survive or lead a normal life from the existing standards of modern life. They must speak a language universal in its application and not be confined to their local language whatever it may be hence, the generation gap. They must eat Italian pizza, Chinese food or fast food and prefer coffee to the good old milk or lassi (yogurt). The leisurely ways of the old are gone. The younger generation must have speed, of motorbikes, cars, helicopters jet planes and rockets going into space. What can link them to the old bullock cart?

    At least a quarter century separates the older generation from the younger one. In most cases the gap is of over half a century. Naturally an imperceptible biological evolution takes place and the nature wants the survival of the fittest. The young generation can’t survive if it doesn’t change. No power on earth can prevent the natural gap owing to this evolution. Nature equips each succeeding generation with mechanism to survive the rigors of the new environment.

    But every coin has another side. The younger generation should guard themselves from the malaise this society have. Stress, depression and frustration are normal complaints by the younger generation. I this cut-throat compeitition and this rat race we must not forget about humanity. We must not forget to enjoy the fruit of our labour.

    We are the future of this human race and if we go astray, everything can fall apart. We should pay heed to the early warning about modern ills and saty away from them coz we are the moulders of our own future.They young should listen to the old but must take their own decisions with discretion and a balanced perspective. The coming generation will be better than each preceding one.

    Operation Vijay- Do we remember them!!!

    Its been 10 years sice we won a war fought on the most difficult of terrains and to defend what was our own. A war in which our enemies where in an advantageous position due to the way a mountain war is fought( In a mountain warfare the one who are on the upper ridges are always in an advantage) and also due to the surprise element of there intrusion. In a war where more than 700 young Indian men laid down their lives to recapture what was ours. Question is, have we forgotten them? Have Kargil just ended up as a fodder for news debate?

    The Goverment of India(Congress) decided not to celebrate Vijay diwas because they thought its not worth celebrating(Just a matter of more than 700 worthless lives!). They think it was a war declared by the then BJP goverment so it was not a day to be celebrated. Whay the Kargil war is treated in this way I don’t understand! Should a war to defend our territory not a war of the UPA? Should we not fave our enemies united? Has National pride been gobbled up by Politics?

    Recently Manmohan Singh was the chief guest in the Bastilles day parade in Paris and the Indian Armed Forces opened the parade. The goverment, the news channels all celebrated Bastilles day and said what a proud moment for India. The Indian Soldiers fought bravely in the World War-II, so we are being honoured for our contribution for in that war. Surely the day was of great pride but for whom we fought the War in France? The British Empire.

    My question is simple. The victory in the Kargil war, a war to defend our own territory, should be more important than the fight for the British Empire in WW-II?  Have we forgotten the Kargil heroes?

    Cinema for Entertainment or for knowledge?

    Today i was at my Mashi’s(Maternal Aunt) house and my cousin and my friends had a substantial discussion Film Making and i was a mute spectator gathering knowledge with a few suggetions here and there. One of the points raised by a guy named as Agniban is that he goes to the theatre to get entertained for 2 to 3 hours and surely has a point. My cousin who has considerable knowledge on film making says, no, i watch a movie for intellectual satisfaction and he is right in his own stand. Where do i stand in this debate? Neither here nor there! I surely go to the theatre entertained but mindless entertainment is not my cup of tea(Read this line Mr.Akshay Kumar). Entertainement that keeps me tight in my seats is my kind of entertainment. Movies that keeps me nailed down is what i call entertaiment not mindless capers!!! A few examples of recent Hindi movies are A Wednesday- a movie that was entertaining and brilliantly scripted with some fascinating performances by all the actors, Bheja Fry-A comedy film with a soul, Dev-D- Digesting Anurag Kashyap is toughbut if you can there is no better serves available and Jab We Met- A typical Hindi movie but some fantastic direction and acting took the film to a different level.

    No topic on Indian Cinema can be discussed without Sholay. An epic and a cult film in every sense of it. Sholay changed Indian Cinema forever and nothing has touched its heights till now. Sholay fascinates me still now! Some of the scenes has some brilliant undertones to it which people cannot understand if they don’t see it number of times with details. Everybody says that Sholay is a typical Indian Potboiler. I completely disagree. Sholay took Indian cinema to a different level in terms of Direction, Acting, Cinematography etc. Every character in the movie added something diffrent to the movie. We never felt that this character was not needed in the movie. Can we imagine Sholay without ‘Surma Bhopali’, ‘Jailor’ , ‘Mausi Ji’, ‘Samba’ or the small role played by Keshto Mukherjee in the Jail. Every character was etched out so perfectly that it added something new to the grandeur of the Movie.

    Finally I just want to end by saying that Cinema is the potrayal of the current society, sometimes exaggerated but still a potrayal. For me Cinema is an medium of entertainment but a true potrayal of our society may get a bit depressing so some rose tinted glasses and some exaggeration is not bad!! So catch the next Friday flick and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!