What Women Want.NOT

I am shocked by the number of times I’ve heard women listing ‘sense of humor’ as the topmost quality they want in the man of their dreams, over qualities that seems obvious-beautiful face, not Chetan Bhagat, and etc etc. I am ‘shocked’ because from first hand experience, I can assure you, they are lying.

I realized very early, that ‘love at first sight’ can only happen if you look like Hrithik Roshan (this doesn’t apply to HARMAN BAWEJA), or if you are standing really, really far way from the girl and if, well, the girl likes to fall in love with people who are really far away. Unfortunately I don’t look like Hrithik Roshan and I am very recognizable from really really far away, so I realized ‘Love at first sight’ is not the thing for me. So I decided to entice women with my superhuman stock of ‘Knock Knock’ jokes.

But that was in vain too. I spent an entire childhood trying to make girls laugh at my jokes but failed miserably… because, let’s face it, the joke kind-of dies at ‘Knock Knock?’ ‘Get lost, loser!’. But I didn’t give up. I had to try and get girls to relate ‘funny’ with my personality, and not just my looks. So I’d prepare jokes at home, memorize them in my superhero brain, and then, during an ongoing conversation with a hot girl, try and intelligently, shrewdly and carefully take the conversation in the direction of the topic I had a joke prepared on. Something like this:

Me: Hey, hot girl.

Hot girl: *Puke*

Me: Oh, speaking of which, did you hear this joke about racism, religion, chauvinism, ugly people and anything else that would be sure to offend you in general?

Hot girl: *Complains to teacher*

What Women Want. NOT.
It took me more failures than Uday Chopra to understand that being called funny by a girl, is NO.4 on the list of things girls calls guys, whom they don’t want to be their boyfriend, after ‘bhaiyya’, ‘NICE PERSON’ and a ‘MANAGEMENT GRAD’ (All of which I soon ended up becoming TOGETHER, by the way).
Here’s a fact: I was reading a magazine’s ‘Most Desirable Men’ list (I had bought the magazine because of the bikini girl on its cover and NOT because of this list, I swear)… and guess what I found on it? Names of allll 5-6 and above-pack guys. Guess who I DIDN’T find on it? Johnny Lever. Rajpal Yadav. Archana Puran Singh. ME.

Seriously, even if you take the most not good looking guys who have something else going for them (good body, good relatives, good profession) and compare them with the funniest guys with similar perks, the results are obvious:

Abhishek Bachchan – Not funny. Is married to AISHWARYA RAI.


Govinda – Very funny. Not married to Aishwarya Rai.

Harman Baweja – Not funny. Dated PRIYANKA CHOPRA.


Navjot Singh Siddhu – Very funny. Came close to dating Shekhar Suman.

Emraan Hashmi – Not funny. Kissed MANY HOT GIRLS.


Ritesh Deshmukh – Very funny. Was offered Dostana.

And that’s the truth of the matter, people. Let’s not lie to the world and admit it once and for all – Funny guys in males are the equivalent of BHARTIYA NARIS in females. Everyone wants to marry them, but no one wants to have sex with them.



About Krishnendu Sanyal

I am an introverted, indifferent sort of person. I am not necessarily emotional or really hateful, though I can be. I am just not bubbly and happy all the time like. In fact, I probably have a hard time putting up with people who ARE happy all of the time. I am intelligent and artistic, and maybe a little bit of a loner. I do have friends, I just don't mind being alone. Gives me time to think. I am little blunt, and I usually tell it like it is. I am classy, and simplicity goes a long way with me. I can be a little off-beat, my interests may not go with "the norm". As for my friends, I love them deeply. I may not have many close friends, but I choose them carefully. I am incredibly loyal to my friends, and they know they can count on me. I can do just about anything for them, and they know it. I don’t show my feelings so much, but I have feelings. Deep ones, too. I feel things deeply, and I can be passionate - I just don't show it. My sense of humor is probably a little dark, but I do love to laugh. I can be totally crazy when I open up, but I rarely do. Me, in a nutshell: Classy, introverted, loyal, a bit of a loner, unique, edgy, deep, artistic, crazy (rarely), intelligent. BLACK! . View all posts by Krishnendu Sanyal

8 responses to “What Women Want.NOT

  • Sayani

    this post had me lol-ing!! well written n very nicely put… tor writing style besh interesting…honestly! and the content is worth commenting on. i dunno about a girl’s “want” list…but now i sure do know what girls’ (at least me) “dont want”….and yeah, u sure got me lol-ing!

  • Krishnendu Sanyal

    making u ‘lol’ was my intention and I did it!!! 😀

  • arnab

    Interesting and articulate, as usual ornamentation avoided by the user for obvious reasons, Girls go figure 😛 😛

    Keep up the good work krish da, 🙂

  • prodipta

    interesting facts about wat girls want in reality…. u must’ve done much research for dis
    wish if these were put together in a book it would benefit ppl

  • Krishnendu Sanyal

    @Prodipta see, somethings are just meant for this medium and not for literary articulation!
    @Arnab 😀 see the first comment, from a girl and she liked it!

  • Saumyajit

    Navjot Singh Siddhu – Very funny.

    Beg to disagree.

  • Krishnendu Sanyal

    I find his stupidity funny!!! see, its all in the perceptions!

  • Nag da

    “lol…you are funny”….this is what i had to hear every time i tried to pick up a girl….

    I hate the word (acronym): LOL

    btw…you are funny too! 😀

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