Daily Archives: September 18, 2009

At His (T)wit’s End…..

We all know what Twitter is. Its a highly popular Social Networking site. Like Orkut and Facebook it has gathered popularity in India. According to the Twitter headquarters, India has the 3rd largest number of twitter accounts in the World. Quite an achievement as Twitter entered the market much after Orkut and Facebook did. Now you people may want to know what has Twitter got to do with my topic?

Well, Twitter has also become quite a handy tool for a few techno-savvy politicians to interact with the common people. One of them is Shashi Tharoor. When Shashi Tharoor won the election in Kerala, I was really happy as I was following his columns and write-ups for newspapers for a long time. I knew this guy can become a model politician. In his Twitter account he was divulging his day to day life and was quite refreshing, as we rarely come to know about a Minister’s day to day activity.His Tweets are often quite witty and full of pun. Like a few days back he said that he sometimes get bored by meetings in the MoS. But a few days back I saw a tweet of him replying to a journalist’s tweet. I found it quite funny and taking a dig at the Goverment’s ‘Austerity Drive’. I can’t exactly quote what he said but it described the economy class as ‘cattle class’ and refering to ‘Holy Cows’. I found it quite witty and refreshing, as we have rarely seen politicians come out in open with there views. But the controversy the followed was quite bad but expected.

The Congress Leaders did’nt take the comment as a whole but took it in isolation and criticized it. No one was bothered to look at the Tweet that he was replying to! According to some journalists the ‘Tweeting’ habit of Tharoor was quite an irritation for some senior Congress leaders. One of the reason might be that Indian politicians are so used to not interacting with common citizens on day to day basis that when one of their colleagues do it, it becomes a irritation for them.

Shashi Tharoor is new to Indian politics. He worked at the UN for more than 5 years and has been a very well respected author and columnist. He will take some time to get used to Indian politics and Congress’ ‘High Command’ or ‘Delhi Durbarr’ culture. I just hope this controversy does’nt affect his tweeting habits as we may lose a rare Minister who interacts with common people on a day yo day basis.